Quick Funeral is inspired by offline card editing tools such as photoshop. But these tools requires a lot of experience in designing. To help funeral homes and other occasions where card designing is required, we developed it.

At that time we worked with local funeral homes and provided a downloadable software solution. From the feedback we got, we quickly realized that we needed to start from scratch and program an online version of the software that has a much easier workflow. While we were building this new online application we got feedback from mortuaries across the nation and combined all our experience and feedback together. We ended up building the world’s first and only online photo and text editing application for funeral printed products.

In essence our new application was built for funeral professionals by funeral professionals. We simply figured out how to program the tools that they wanted while keeping the whole process as simple as possible. Our main goal has been to create something that will allow a first-time user to create photoshop-style finished products without any training. So far we have been able to achieve our goals and the application contiues to get better everyday. We are excited to help funeral homes and individuals across the nation celebrate the life of loved ones that has passed on.

We greatly value your opinion and want to build exactly what you need. Please contact us if you have any additional feedback or suggestions. We hope you enjoy the Quick Funeral application that we have worked so hard to build!